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The Founder of Titan Ventures: we will never see bitcoin under $4000
2019-04-11 11:46:46
It seems that bitcoin has just parted with a long bear market, and therefore reports of a further increase in its price are of particular concern to investors. Now supporters of digital currencies and traders are carefully listening to the gurus of the market. Most famous people are still optimistic about bitcoin, as M. Nye, the founder of Titan Ventures, spoke on Twitter not so long ago.

In his tweet, M. Nye argues that bitcoin will never fall back to $ 4,000, and that a relatively high price will be maintained for a long time.

Now those cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who comment on the words of M. Nay, say that the price of 4000 dollars actually became the “bottom” for bitcoin. And some even point to $ 4,200, believing that bitcoin is currently overbought, and that this could also lead to its rollback to $ 4,900, before the coin accelerates again.

However, there are those who think that M. Nye is not quite right. For example, crypto Tyytan, a Twitter user, says bitcoin must experience another significant decrease before the bulls end up winning the race.


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