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The easiest way to pay with Ethereum. Carderion cards will work online, offline and internationally allowing customers to use ethereum anywhere traditional cards are accepted. .
Nov 06, 2017 - Dec 13, 2017

About Carderion (ICO)

Carderion is the platform proving the ability to spend, save, and transact digital currencies with the c-wallet complemented by a debit card allowing to effortless trade between ethereum and fiat currencies, specifically the USD, EUR and the GBP. The services Carderion offer includes Debit Card Solutions, Mobile Money Solutions, Gambling Solutions, c-wallet and Payment Processor. It is perfect for anyone affiliated with cryptocurrency market and willing to spend ETH in stores and online shops hassle-free. Our contactless Ethereum debit card will work with any point of sale terminal anywhere traditional contactless cards are accepted.

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