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Closing bitcoin of China's stock exchanges was the right move, said the official representative of PBoC

Vice-Governor of people's Bank of China pan Gunsan said that the regulators of the country made the right decision in the struggle with the internal exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Speaking at the event, on the financial books in Shanghai at the weekend, the Executive Director of the Central Bank said that "shudder to think" about the scenario, if the regulators had not stopped the use of cryptocurrency exchanges from servicing the local market, reports Yicai Global.

He went on to say that the valor bitcoin has caused problems with the financial market, and this is bitcoin a bubble waiting to burst as the "Tulip mania" in the 1600s and the collapse of the dot-com.

According to reports from the books of Professor Kedge Business School Eric Picheta, Hongsheng then said, "So that we can do but watch him from the riverside. One day you'll see a dead body bitcoin you."

The comments of the official representative respond to the opinion of the adviser, Central Bank of Suncana Sheng, who in October stated that it supported the government's recent harassment of the local IOS.

"I completely agree to ban the ICO in China, and calls for the return to their investors. In my opinion, these actions are mainly aimed at preventing risk and protecting the interests of investors and the possibility of further regulating the trade of virtual currencies, " said Sonen at the time

China outlawed the ICO in early September, and next week in the cryptocurrency exchanges of the country also stated that they will be closed due to regulatory pressure.


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