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In 2017, 40% of all ICO was conducted in Europe

The report on the state of technology in Europe in 2017, the company Atomico, among other things, concluded that during the period of European startups attracted ICO more investment than other regions of the planet for three years. For analysis were used data from the startup Token Data.

More than a third (40%) of all ICO 2017 was held in the European Union. While they were the sale of 46% of all tokens existing in the world: 446 users have made a transaction and invested projects worth $1.75 billion For the EU is followed by North America, where in the course 244 of the campaign the project raised $1,076 billion investment.

In addition, based on available data, analysts think that in the next five years, the EU will become a world leader in the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The best countries for further development in this direction were named as Britain, Switzerland and Estonia.

The number of blockchain startups in Europe are leading the UK, Germany and Russia, which account for 1674, 1307 721 project respectively.

The most active European cities in the field of blockchain have become the London, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Prague.

Another noticed point is that over the company around 25% of all the ICO team was working remotely, that is, the founders and leaders of the projects were not in areas where is located the headquarters of start-UPS. It is expected that in the future this trend will increase.

Europe has the largest number of bitcoin-nod: more than 5 thousand while in the U.S. there are about 3 thousand.

Recall that recently the European Agency for supervision of securities market (ESMA) has warned investors about the high risk of losing all of your invested capital when investing in ICO. Similar statements were issued, and the offices of Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland.


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