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In Iran, active discussions began on the regulation of the Crypto-currency

On the territory of Iran, there is a specialized council that expresses a desire to take any measures regarding the regulation of digital currencies. This is especially true of Bitcoin. After all, these currencies are very ambiguous and exist only as a digital equivalent, which means that they are not in reality. Therefore, the Council of the country decides on the observance of laws on crypto-currencies.

If one of the most popular Iranian newspapers is to be believed, the secretary of the council, Abolfassan Firuzabadi, spoke about the desire to regulate Bitcoin, as well as other crypto-currencies, because it is necessary to do this. Especially, considering how this currency is connected with fraud in the black market.

How are things with the crypto-currencies in the Iranian market?

Bitcoin is very popular in Iran, with the help of it is carried out a huge number of very different transactions and all this is not legalized.

According to Firuzabadi, the digital currency is actively used to pay for products, trade on the Internet, as well as for the production of this currency itself. Some people even build separate farms for mining. But, some security measures were still adopted by specialists from the Central Bank to control the spread of the country's crypto currency. Even greater activity in the study of crypto currency began to manifest due to a sharp increase in value. This is very important, because without relevant knowledge it will be impossible to predict what this whole movement of digital currencies will lead to.

Nevertheless, there are people like Naser Nakimi. He issued a separate statement in which he expressed his thoughts on the crypto-currency. In his opinion, investing money in this structure is very dangerous.


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