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Blockchain Advocates in Japan and South Korea Are Joining Forces
2017-12-21 12:27:05
Two groups of propaganda campaigns from Japan and South Korea are joining forces to promote the wider use of this technology.

According to the published report, since November, as part of the joint talks, the Korean Blockchain Open Forum (KBOF) and the Blockchain Consortium (BCCC) have held joint negotiations. The formal agreement between the two groups was signed during the Blockchain TechBiz conference, which was held on December 19 in Seoul.

According to the group, more than 200 companies have joined the consortium since its launch. BCCC announced last December that it has become a member of more than 100 companies, including Microsoft Japan, Mitsui Sumotomo Insurance, PwC, Bitbank and ConsenSys and others.

Similarly, the KBOF said in a statement that the forum had 157 organizations created by the blockbuster start-ups, IT firms, government agencies, academic institutions and local municipal offices.

The timing goes as regulators in one of the host countries, South Korea, seek to expand the regulation of crypto-currencies, although officials also said they want to avoid creating a new burden for firms working with non-financial applications of the block chain.

As previously reported, after the ban on the initial supply of coins in the country, the government of South Korea is now also weighing up methods to curb speculation about crypto-conversions.


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