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EBay Company Is Seriously Considering To Make Payments In Bitcoin
2017-12-13 10:35:22
eBay, one of the world's largest e-Commerce platforms, considering the jump in cryptocurrency payments, according to a senior Executive officer of the company.

The EBay Company Is Seriously Considering To Make Payments In Bitcoin Said Scott Cutler, senior Vice President of eBay in America, Yahoo Finance, E-Commerce giant is conducting serious discussions on how to become the profile of the company to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

"This is a trend that everyone is talking about, but, unfortunately, on eBay, we currently do not accept bitcoin as form of payment, Cutler said. ” We are seriously considering this, as these crypto-currencies become more main “payment instrument, but " we're still not quite there.”

Cutler added that the site serves as a popular secondary market for cryptocurrency mining equipment and third-party sellers have listed thousands of other cryptocurrency related collectibles.

Cryptocurrency faces the main street Although don't think eBay currently has any specific plans to make the payments of the cryptocurrency, the fact that the company holds discussions at a high level on this issue is the latest evidence of how fast bitcoin has infiltrated the mainstream.

Last week, bitcoin brokers app coinbase briefly became the top app in the Apple store, indicating that retail investors were included in the bitcoin ecosystem at a breakneck pace — a pace so rapid that the company has suffered constant delays due to traffic accounting.

This week, the first bitcoin futures contract, launched on the U.S. dollar exchange rate on the exchange, and CME, the world's largest derivatives exchange will start to trade bitcoin futures next week. Despite the fact that futures are mainly aimed at wall street, it is expected that futures will lead to the creation of the first Bitcoin ETF, investor friendly investment vehicle, which can be easily held in brokerage and retirement accounts.

The next tipping point will be when the cryptocurrency is becoming so widespread that companies often take it as payment for goods or services.

Prominent retailers such as Overstock and Newegg accepted bitcoin for many years, but none of the retail white whales — a group that includes eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba is officially accepted payments cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, CCN exposed the rumor that Amazon plans to accept bitcoin. Recently, the co-founder of Alibaba Jack MA said that bitcoin was “not for me”, indicating that the Chinese conglomerate is unlikely to take the currency that operates without government support.

Some retailers, including video games distribution platform Steam, has actually ceased to accept payments on bitcoin in recent months, citing an increase in transaction fees that have accompanied the growth of the meteorite bitcoin. However, bitcoin remains an option for big-ticket items, and altcoins like Ethereum, bitcoin, cash, litecoin and practical options for small-volume transactions.


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