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The bitcoin exchange rate dropped to 14 thousand dollars, losing a third of the cost for the week
2017-12-22 08:16:05
The exchange rate of bitcoin on the night of 22 December fell to 14 thousand dollars. Thus, the cryptocurrency has lost almost 29% of the cost after the historical maximum of 19.7 thousand per bitcoin, which was marked on December 17.

-- The main competitor of bitcoin Ethereum also stopped growing and dropped to $ 750 after almost 900 recorded 21 Dec.

-- Bitcoin has increased in price by almost half from November, when it became known that the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group) will start trading futures contracts for cash. Trading opened December 18 at the level of almost 20 thousand dollars for bitcoin (with the closure of contract in January 2018). Now the futures have also dropped in price and is trading around 14.5 thousand dollars per bitcoin.


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