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Waiting game: 60% of the top 100 cryptos have no "working product"
2018-08-20 09:50:41
About 40 of the top 100 crypto tokens by market capitalization support a "work product", which is "active and accessible to the public," finds a new study this week.


The results of research on the formation of the Crypto-currency Resource Invest in Blokchein conclude that a number of projects that have launched coins recently often remain on paper on real use. "... We appreciated the status of each project, looked at its road map, checked its release history and compared the completed functions with what the team promises to deliver in the future," explained the authors of the study John Bardinelli and Daniel Frumkin.

The results in general reflect a general criticism of the altcoin space, while various commentators warn of investing in tokens based on promises and plans of issuers.

Last month, a report from the law school of the University of Pennsylvania gave unflattering conclusions about many ICO projects, and researchers argue that they often "could not" provide basic protection for investors or fulfill whitepaper promises. Further voices of distrust came from the CEO of BTCC Bobby Lee, the creator of BitTorrent Bram Cohen and others.

For Bardinelli and Frumkin, the picture also remains vague about the fulfillment of promises. In turn, taking most of the top 100 crypts, they describe Ripple, for example, as a "completely unnecessary" token and Litecoin as a crypto currency, which "does not really extend Bitcoin's functionality to a large extent, because it makes different compromises."

However, other assets have benefited, including the Montero and Zcash altoquins, focused on confidentiality.

Not all assets appeared in the list, while the authors added the condition:
"There are many projects in the TOP-100 that have launched their mainnet, and can claim a "working product" by free definition. However, we decided not to include projects that are not actually used to any significant extent, which means that most recently launched mainnets will not yet meet our criteria."


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